Leominster Rotary Club is involved in community based events. These range from 

  • fund raising - look out for us at Morrisons around Christmas time
  • taking children from Westfield School. This is part of a national initiative by Rotary and usually takes place in June
  • fund raising - through our stall at the Victorian Street Market

Funds for the year to June 2018 have been used to help the following organisations

  • Kids Day Out - Westfield Special School - helping with severe or complex learning difficulties
  • Marches Family Network - helping children with disabilities
  • Megan Baker House - helping with special educational needs and physical disabilities
  • Herefordshire Headway - improving life after brain injury
  • Air Ambulance
  • Leominster Museum

It is only through the generosity of the people of Leominster and the surrounding area that the Rotary Club of Leominster is able to gather these funds for the excellent causes. For this we thank them.

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