Club Council

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The Rotary Club of Mansfield – Rotary Council

A full and formal description of the activities, role and function of the club’s Council can be found in detail within the Rotary International Constitution.

In essence the Council consists of the elected club officers and up to 6 elected club members with voting rights.

 Any club member may attend Council meetings but would have no voting rights.

The Council may consider:

·      the activities and proposals formulated by each committee for approval.

·      policy changes proposed by the club or received from RI.

·      club accounts and financial implications of the club’s activities.

·      proposals for the club programme for the Rotary year.

·      analysis and review of club activities.

·      Issues that impact on both existing and proposed membership.

The council meets formally at least 4 times each Rotary year and informally each month.

The above is by no means exhaustive but is intended to give a flavour of the role of the Club Council.