Our plan for the coming Rotary year 2021 - 2022

Club Assembly June 2021. International Committee.




Furniture and goods sale

We would like to continue into this next year and Janet will advertise any items for the club. Please continue to dig out any objects that could be sold


Other Fundraising

Once out of Covid-19 will consider further fundraising activities.

Again we will consider the possibility of a pop up shop or perhaps a more easily organised  car boot sale similar to previously


Scarecrow competition.

Janet would also be keen to organise an event similar to the Guy Fawkes competition but earlier than last year, perhaps over the longer summer holidays to give children more chance to make a scarecrow


Sign post at Wishing well

It is hoped to be able to progress with this. A post erected with the Rotary roundel and some fingers pointing at places of interest to be decided by the club. Could be such as Chicago, twinned clubs, John O'Groats or any other point of interest


Work with other clubs both for social and international projects:




Walks will be planned approximately monthly. As before members of Casterbridge and Poundbury will invited.





Covid situation. Nepal is again in lockdown and we will support needs including food, PPE (masks and hand sanitiser), equipment such as pulse oximeters, and if possible oxygen. In conjunction with Casterbridge Poundbury and OVT.


Raipali Bhanyang

Current project under way.


Gahateri (Medium term plan)

This village has a previous system installed by us in 2011. New road building (wide dirt tracks for motorcycles and 4WD buses) has resulted in three of their taps demolished by construction traffic. Plus, the supply is not enough in itself so a supply from a new water source is needed.

The cost will be approximately £3500. we have decided to defer this until 2022/2023 in favour of the Madkina project.


This is our priority water project for this year 2021/2022

This village will need pumped system, involving collection chamber at spring to ensure clean supply, a collection tank with electric pump to left the water to a tank above the village and gravity feed to the houses and taps.

They share the source with a neighbouring village and it is feared that the supply from the spring will not be enough for this project.

There is another spring close by. This has been affected by a landslide and we sent Bimal 50,000 NPR (£303)  to undertake a feasibility study by digging out the landslide and assessing the supply.

It seems this is satisfactory and we will progress with the project at a cost of £6500 (including the feasibility study already paid)

I have written an application for a District Grant

This will be in conjunction with Casterbridge, Poundbury and the OVT.




We will work with Casterbridge and consider support for the Kenya project now run by Josie Hastings. Josie is hoping to arrange a small group to go out at some stage. This is for planning rather than working.

Currently they are sponsoring education and health at the school and health centre. Also some individual children are being sponsored. Casterbridge would like to set up a college for special needs.

My personal feeling is rather than fundraise and give money to another project for the sake of it, Our club would wish to be involved, perhaps even in the hands on work on site.


Peru RIFE 

This is still intended but on hold and plans will be dependant on the progress of the pandemic.


Vire Exchange Visit.

France recently had a lockdown.

Assuming if and when are invited we will organise the exchange visit to Vire


Speakers will be organised as according to our rota


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