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Rotary Shoebox Scheme (and others): Whilst the popularity of the Shoebox has decreased over the last year or two, it is proposed that the promotion of the Shoe Box Scheme should continue within and outside of the Club. It will continue to be particularly pushed with the local schools. It is also proposed to continue to support other Rotary box schemes notably Lifebox. Provision to fund one Lifebox is requested as a contribution to emergency relief around the world (for some point during the year).

Supporting International Charities: The Club continues to focus much of its effort on local charities/activities but in addition to this the Club should continue to support some international charities including: (i) Plan International ( continuing to support the sponsorship of an individual in their care (currently Kamaldeep in India). (ii) SOS Sahel ( the Club has made an annual contribution to this charity for a number of years and it is planned to continue this. It is a development charity that works with herders and farmers in Africas drylands (the Sahel region).

PolioPlus/End Poilo Now/Thanks for Life: Rotary International still needs to support the final push for Polio eradication. Hopefully the crocuses will bloom better this year and there will be a chance for publicity there. A Race Night at The Deanwater will also be planned over the course of the year. A weekend evening when the evenings are dark should be the best timing but not close to other significant Club events.

International Evening: The District runs an annual International Evening. This will be promoted within the Club.


Ambassadorial Scholars: It is proposed to invite a number of the incoming scholars (from different countries) to the Club as well as promoting attendance at both the Welcome and Farewell Dinners. Club members will also be encouraged to act as counsellors/supporters to the Scholars.

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