Community Projects & Events

Working with local people to raise funds for the local community.

Our focus for the past year and a half  has been on local good causes to help our community get through this most difficult time. Significant donations have been made to the Newmarket Day Centre and Newmarket Open Door.

As we move forward Alan Shand and his team have already developed the Newmarket Rotary Local Community Awards, with a presentation event at the end of July. This project has involved cooperation with The Jockey Club, Newmarket Journal and Newmarket Town Council, and it is our hope that the relationships developed can be fostered for future community projects.

Rotary is not just about raising money but actually principally serving to change lives.

Other ways in which Newmarket Rotary Club could be involved practically in the local community (‘Service above Self’) and at the same time raise our profile locally, and also hopefully help to attract new members who would bring their own expertise and connection networks are:-

1. The Newmarket Soapbox Derby Sunday 29th August 2021

Run by Newmarket Town Council, but we can provide a visible presence as Stewards, and there is the opportunity to have a bucket collection for Rotary local charities.

2. Newmarket Day Centre

During the pandemic, the Club has provided significant financial support from funds accumulated by donations from members for lunches foregone over the last 15 months. A few of us have also provided practical support by delivering hot meals to those in need, and we hope that this physical demonstration of our support can be further developed in the future.

3. Newmarket Open Door

Another local charity the Club has supported financially during the pandemic, particularly in relation to their provision of hostel accommodation for young homeless people. We would like to pursue whether there is any practical way in which we could support this worthwhile charity, which also runs the local Foodbank. Our President this year Tony Savill has nominated Newmarket Open door as his chariy for the year and has started a conversation to find ways oin which we can be of service aswell as raising money. 

In March we presented a cheque for £3000 to Charles, Sonia and Tracey being the money raised at Carols at Tattersalls back in December

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Certificate of Merit

Special Certificate of Merit

more In recognition of the outstanding contribution made by members of the Rotary Club of Newmarket during the Covid-19 crisis.