Membership services committee 2022-2023


The Membership Committee this coming Rotary year is going to carry on where it left off with several aims being carried forward from the previous year. And as the incoming chair I would like to thank all members of the committee, especially Keith for standing in as chair for all their hard work.

Hopefully post Covid-19 attendance will improve and we can get back to meeting face to face at the Aqua.
We will continue to recruit for new members, and continue our newly set up “Friends of Rotary” a team of likeminded individuals who, not necessarily want to become members, or not at this time, but want to get involved and help us in the community with our projects. 

With no one prepared to volunteer for president, Past President Mark Townsend has agreed to take on this amazing role. 
We will be having a Handover on the 31st July whereupon President Celia will be handing the Baton to President Elect Mark this will be held in conjunction with the Community Award.

President’s Night will be held on 10th September to show our support for Mark and Ruth.
Although we will continue to support all of our projects as a Committee and also jointly with other Committees, President Mark`s wishes are to combine this with more social events, to which we have reinstated the friendship cup and have an indoor pub sports night arranged on the 16th September.

We will also continue to support our annual Christmas Events, both as a committee and as a club. 
I finish by thanking all the members of the Membership Committee in advance and look forward to working on all of our projects in the coming year.
Garry T Urwin

Report of Membership Committee to AGM 2022

The Membership Committee has not had a Chair this year so, at great personal expense, I have stepped in to Chair the meetings.
There has not been a lot for the Membership Committee to do during the last twelve months as the Club has been running very smoothly under the capable leadership of President Celia.
Yet again attendance has been low because of Covid and some meetings have been cancelled because of staff problems at the Aqua.  While Zoom meetings are very useful if the Club cannot meet, face-to-face meetings engender more Fellowship and Friendship than simply looking at a computer screen.  Having said that, the new format of Committees meeting via Zoom is working well, attracts higher attendance than previously and, because of the shorter time involved saves a lot on petrol, pollution and expense by cutting out travelling.
We have had a push for new members, and held a very useful Information Evening for potential new members.  This might become an annual occurrence as, with no archivist now, we no longer hold “What the Rotary Club Does” events for the public to see how we actually work.   
Sadly Dave Shaw has moved to South Wales – we wish him and Andrea well in God’s own Country, but we are delighted to welcome Dave Beharry, our newest member, with open arms and hope that every other members will make him very welcome.
We have also instigated a new form of Membership – Friends of Rotary and already have several Friends who have helped out at Table Top Sales and the Ukrainian collection outside Tesco.  There is always a place for more workers and so all members are requested to think of potential new members to help us provide more Service Above Self.
Feedback from the monthly articles in Free Portland News is very positive and, on the odd month when there has been no Rotary update, comments come flocking in. 
After a long while with nobody prepared to act as President for the next Rotary year, P.P. Mark has stepped in to fill the breach.  Thank you Mark.   Now we need someone to follow Mark as our President for 2023-2-24.   Any offers?  And a reminder it would be lovely to have every members attend President’s Night on 10th. September to show our support for Mark and Ruth.
Ian has done a magnificent job as Editor of Porthole which still maintains the high standard set by Reg many, many years ago.  However, a club bulletin is only as good as the articles sent in by members and, at present, Ian is receiving very little support in that field. It would be nice if ALL members and Chairs could put in articles from time to time – comments on Rotary, articles about visits or trips, something about themselves etc. etc.
I finish by thanking all the members of the Membership Committee who have attended so regularly for all their input and support.
Keith Barnard-Jones
Acting Chair

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