Membership services committee 2019-2020


Celia Canter (Chair),  Keith Barnard-Jones,  Bruce Bonwell,  Peter Burrows,  Ian McPheat,  Trevor Primett


  • Retention of current members, with interesting Zoom meetings and Aqua/face to face meetings later in the year, restrictions permitting.
  • To build upon our good relationships with other clubs by inviting them to our Zoom meetings, or joining theirs.
  • Recruitment of new members could be difficult in first six months, but potential members can be invited to our Zoom meetings.
  • Explore opportunities for engaging with younger people and other discreet groups on the Island, who may be interested in joint ventures, perhaps creating an ‘associate’ arm of our local Rotary.
  • Richard has kindly scoped the many overlapping Island organisations, so that we may understand the landscape, where support is needed, and where opportunities lie.


  • Keith continues to be our Welfare Officer.  He ensures that members who may need some support are looked after.  This has been a particularly important role in recent months when our face to face meetings have ceased due to Covid-19 restrictions, ensuring those who do not have access to the internet remain engaged and included.

Public relations

  • Keith continues to update Rotary articles in the Free Portland News when it is published.
  • Our Rotary publication Porthole has been paused until we are able to recommence face to face meetings.


  • Peter continues to update and publish the Club diary for 2020-21.
  • Week 1 – Committee meetings (no full club meeting)
  • Week 2 – Committees to organise: updates to club, speakers etc on a rota basis.  Followed by a Council meeting.
  • Week 3 – Business Meeting (whole club)
  • Week 4 – Guest Night with interesting speakers.
  • All members are asked to suggest/nominate speakers for Week 4.  Peter and Celia will co-ordinate speakers and dates.


  • We have enjoyed taking part in Rotary activities in the past and very much hope that we might be able to arrange skittles and District Quiz teams in 2021.

Celia Canter             President Elect

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