Club History

The history of Llandeilo Rotary Club


Club History

     In July 1967, Rotarian R.A.(Dick) Jones, Extension Officer for District 115 visited Llandeilo with a view to forming a new Rotary club there. He met Isaac J.Thomas ( Clerk to Llandeilo U.D.C.) and Ken Aubrey (Llandeilo Postmaster) do discuss the project. A further meeting was held on the 18th July 1967 attended also by Jack Cross, Vice-President of District 115. Subsequently, on the 21st September 1967, a further meeting was held, where it was decided to press ahead with the project.    Potential members were invited to attend a luncheon meeting at the King's Head Hotel (now the local offices of the National Trust) on the 5th October 1967, and the District Officer explained the aims and procedures of the Rotary Movement.

     After further informal luncheon meetings, an Inaugural Meeting was held on the 30th November 1967 at the Civic Hall, Llandeilo.

     The meeting was chaired by Rotarian Reg Pickett, of the Cardiff East Club - Reg was Chairman of District 115 Council. The President of the Rotary Club of Ammanford, Rotarian Leslie Harries confirmed that his Club would act as a 'fostering club'. 183 men attended this meeting!!
     On the 14th December 1967, the first Christmas lunch was held at the King's Head Hotel, and it was arranged that the Charter Dinner should be held at the Dragon Hotel, Swansea on the 7th March 1968. The speaker would be Rotarian Jack Pride, of the Bath Club, District 110 - Jack being a Past President of R.I.B.I. and Past R.I.B.I. Director.


The First Club Council

     The first Club Council was held on 29th December 1967, where Officers were elected by ballot.
     Charter Number 1052, dated 16th February 1968 was presented to Founder President Isaac Thomas by R.I. representative Rotarian Reg Picketts. Various gifts were also presented to the new Club including the President's Chain of Office, presented by the Rotary Club of Ammanford.

Llandeilo Territorial Limits  

    The territorial limits were extensive, and subsequently at a much later date, Club's area was reduced to allow for the formation of the Rotary Club of Llandovery.


Luncheon Meetings and Venues  

    Weekly Luncheon Meetings were to be held at the King's Head Hotel, Llandeilo, where 'mine host' was Rotarian W. Whittingham. The venue was used until 26th August 1971 when the Club transfered to the Cawdor Arms Hotel, Llandeilo, where it remained until 1989, when it moved to it's present meeting place at the White Hart, Llandeilo.

     By September 1970, membership peaked to 40, but has subsequently fluctuated, and for the last few years averages between 23 and 28 members. The Club over the past years forged close links with the local Round Table and Forty-one Clubs, and has also a very good relationship with the Inner Wheel Club of Llandeilo.

      Initially, there were 31 Founder Members in the Llandeilo Club but over the 37 years of the Club's existence only one remains in the club.This honour is held by Ken McCutcheon who still regales present members with his humerous anecdotes and reminiscences.

     The Club, has, over the years striven to move with the times, and mainly due to its geographic location, has altered its meetings from lunchtime to evening meetings.

     The Club is now in Zone 2, District 1150.

2005 Handover to President Nigel C Haines