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Details of the 'Joint Clubs of Thanet'

Thanet is a conurbation of a number of small towns, but each has its own Rotary Club, plus a couple of clubs that recruit their membership from the whole island.  (In the main Rotarians live and/or work in the town in which they become a Rotarian.)  The Chair and Vice Chair gather together very couple of months to discuss each clubs activities and to create a joint diary, in the hope that they can avoid diary clashes.  It doesn't always work, but......

The  fiveRotary Clubs in Thanet are:

Rotary Club of Broadstairs

Rotary Club of Margate

Rotary Club of Westgate & Birchington

Isle of Thanet Sunrise Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Thanet

A copy of the most recent Joint Clubs diary can be found here

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Joint Rotary Clubs of Thanet Minutes & Diary

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