Community Service

Rubbish collected on the A40 verges at Burford

What a load of rubbish!

On 7/11/18 three members of the Club collected rubbish from a one mile stretch of the A40 immediately west of Burford. After three hours of hard labour in the pouring rain we collected: two council signs, a 12 foot ladder, 3 insulation boards, a 10ft length of steel; a black bucket, a £10 note (donated to the Club charity account!), 10 bags of assorted rubbish (mostly plastic bottles and tin cans!); polystyrene cups, plastic bags, gloves (5), a T shirt; a woolly hat and lots of sweet and crisp wrappers. Our work has only just begun....!

(Thank you to Oxfordshire District Council who promised to collect the rubbish).

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