Health & Safety/Protection

Protection and Health & Safety

The Constitution of RIBI (Article 5, Section D) provides that every club in the Area (Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) is bound in all things, not contrary to law, by the Constitution and the By-Laws of the Association and shall observe the provisions thereof.
Clubs are also bound by the general law of the jurisdiction within which that club is located.
RIBI does not seek to advise clubs on matters of general law, but does try to help clubs to ensure that they comply with certain specific legal frameworks which are likely to apply to the regular activities of all or most clubs.
To that end, RIBI has produced documents covering:
Equality and Diversity Policy
Health and Safety Policy Statement
Safeguarding (Children) Policy
safeguarding (Vulnerable Adults) Policy
Data Protection Policy Statement
and has invited clubs to read and adopt these policies. Adherence to these documents should ensure that no club inadvertently finds itself in breach of these areas of general law.
Compliance Confirmation
The Rotary Club of Washington Forge confirms that the Insurance Guidance document has been read and current policies as listed below are adopted:
1. Equality and Diversity Policy
2. Health and Safety Policy Statement
3. Safeguarding - (Children) Policy
4. Safeguarding (Vulnerable Adults) Policy
5. Data Protection Policy Statement
K.M. Thomas    Club President 2017/18
P. Hopps          Club Secretary 2017/18