Youth Service

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'Youth Service' refers to the youngest generation in the family of Rotary. This can allow for participation in Rotary

Youth Service sub-pages:

Winner Kayna Turner with Jude Collins and Rotarian Bob Twist

Rotary Young Photographer 2019-20

more Biddick Academy students take part in this year's competition.

Rotary Young Musician Competition 2020

more Will Telfer selected for the Rotary Young Musician finals.

Rotarian Bob Twist with winner Jack Snaith, runner-up Holly Seddon (right), and Lauren Fair whose work was 'highly commended'.

Rotary Young Photographer 2019

more Biddick Academy students submit entries for this year's competition.

Rotary 'Youth Competitons' 2018

more Students in Washington enter our Rotary Competitions

Lucas Corrigan with District Governor Stewart Atkin and RYLA Co-ordinator Terry Long

RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

more Washington Forge Rotary sponsor candidate Lucas Corrigan

Biddick Academy Students receive their certificates

Youth Competitions 2017

more Students of Biddick Academy take part in Young Photographer and Young Writer

RIBI Young Musician 2015 - Regional Final

more RIBI Young Musician Regional Final in Glasgow

Young Musician 2015 - District Final

more District Finals of The RIBI Young Musician Competition