A group of our members plus some partners were given a guided tour of the Children's Hospice at Little Bridge House this week and what a marvellous place we all thought it was.

We all know the respite they offer for kiddies with terminal illnesses and their families is outstanding but we were nonetheless pleasantly surprised to see firsthand the lovely building and its facilities. For families going through the stress of coping with a dieing child Little Bridge House must seem like a haven of tranquility where they can share and ease their burden.

Local fund-raising manageress Toni Hamilton stressed their need to be continually proactive over fund-raising projects with £6m required annually to finance the two south west hospices in North Devon and Bristol. Our Club presented a cheque for £4000 last year but perhaps we can think of ways to help again in the near future?


Before leaving we were able to explore the delightful grounds with interesting features at every turn - unusual play equipment, sensory gardens and the wonderful Narnia area. With animal sounds greeting you, random fountains and water features, giant glockenspiels and many places to sit and contemplate (including a chair that could have been crafted by Brian Burgess!).


Our fears that the visit could have been upsetting were groundless, Little Bridge House is truly wonderful and deserves our support.