Introduction to our current President

         Club  President 2020/21 - Mike O'Neil


Haslemere man Mike O’Neil becomes Rotary president for Haslemere club.
Mike retired as Haslemere’ s Town Clerk in 2012 having served in office for 12 years.
He said that Haslemere is in his DNA. He first came to live in the Haslemere area in the early 1950s and initially went to Beacon Hill Primary School. Qualifying in Environmental Heath in 1968 he worked across the SE of England. Returning to area Haslemere in 1975. 
His Rotary Charity is the Haslemere Stroke Club which is particularly poignant at this time as his mother Marie is in Oak Hall Care Home the old Wispers School site having had a paralysing stroke. His other Charity is Haslemere Food Bank that has been fantastic in stepping up during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Also, during the pandemic, the club is currently meeting using Zoom. Mike is its first virtual President that is hoping that things will normalise enabling the Club can serve the community, as it has for 85 years.
Mike welcomes those who a have love for their community and enjoy fellowship, to make contact. Simply visit – or Haslemere Rotary Facebook pages  to make contact.  
Mike O’Neil President 2020/21 Club President

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2016/17    Roy Wylam

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