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         Club  President 2019/20 - Kerstin Ochel



                           A message from President Kerstin                                          

I first got into contact with the Rotary ideas when I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Siegen in the early 1990s. A fellow student invited me along to a meeting of the local Rotaract Club and I was immediately taken by the friendly atmosphere, the fellowship and the activities the club members were involved in. Hands-on projects were mixed with stalls at village fetes or Christmas fairs to raise money for local causes but also to spread the word about Rotary and its involvement in regional, national and international projects.

Not much has really changed since then apart from being a little bit older and now enjoying the fellowship and involvement of Rotary in my club in Haslemere. We still raise money for local causes; have our stalls at local village fetes and very much look forward to our Christmas collections with our Rotary Santa Sleigh.

I have been a member of Haslemere Rotary now for five years and I am honoured to lead the club for a year, planning various activities to continue supporting our local community - in our 85th year. We will focus our fundraising activities on two charities this year, both close to my heart.

I fondly remember hours and hours spent outside roaming the countryside with my friends when I was young, and find this a very important part of growing up. I have picked the ‘Wild School’ of Camelsdale Primary School as one of my charities. I was blown away by the skillset the children have acquired over their years in the Wild School. The club very much look forward to learning more. We are currently planning our involvement with this school project to share the wealth of experience of our club members with the next generation.

The other worthy cause I would like to support with Rotary Haslemere and our community is the Breast Cancer Haven Wessex. From personal experience I know they are a fabulous charity and offer much needed support to both female and male patients affected by breast cancer. Visitors of the centre can enjoy treatments, informative talks, various exercise classes and one-to-one support from the highly qualified staff of the Haven.

Spreading the word about Rotary and helping the local community keeps me busy however I also run my own business called Fashion Fantasies where I aim to give my clients more confidence in their appearance. I offer bespoke dressmaking, artisan jewellery design and image consultation to mainly female clients. I also design casual and formal shirts for male clients. When there's any time left I enjoy the great British countryside - walking, visiting country houses and parks and the seaside.

Visit our website and Facebook page to stay in touch; we always look for members of the community to join our activities and new members, too.

Yours in Rotary

Kerstin Ochel

President Rotary Club of Haslemere 2019/2020




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