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About Wilton Rotary

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million men and women committed, by VOLUNTEERING their time and expertise, to helping people in need locally and all over the world while forming strong, lasting friendships in the process.

President Carole Slater and a Birthday Cake by Reeve The Baker on for Rotary Day 2020
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  • £20,000+ p.a. net raised from our own events for our Charity Fund. 
  • £100,000+ p.a. raised by other charities' events that we marshal. 
  • 40+ donations p.a. averaging £500 made by our Charity Fund to mostly local charities. 
  • 2,250+ voluntary man-hours p.a. provided by our members equivalent to 1.5 working weeks p.a. per Rotarian.

History and Activities

The Rotary Club of Wilton was chartered in 1979 and is based at Wilton, the ancient capital of Wessex - which covered a large swathe of Central Southern England. Set on the River Wylye, Wilton gave its name to the surrounding county of Wiltshire.

The activities of Wilton Rotary are reflected in its programme of events which are focused on changing lives and comprise, first and foremost, service to the community as well as various associated events and fellowship activities.

The main events in our calendar is the Mammoth Car Boot Sale, one of the largest in southern England held on August Bank Holiday Monday. This event has been running for more than 30 years and typically funds most of our ongoing community service programme which includes giving financial and other assistance to various charities and organizations, both local and international. Each year Club members also give their time freely to help with the marshalling of several major events organised by local charities including The Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal's Walk for Wards held at Wilton House. We are grateful to our Rotary Business Partners for their generous support of our activities in the form of sponsorship, goods and services.


Our members live principally in Wilton, nearby Salisbury and the villages of the Chalke and Avon river valleys south of Wilton.  Our Club currently consists of 26 active members with a variety of backgrounds. Several own, or have owned, their own businesses such as property development and building, investment management, electronic security systems, event facilities, and driver training. Others are, or were, employed in various professional positions including real estate, legal and banking services funeral direction, local government and the armed forces. We also have two honorary members, The Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery, whose family home, Wilton House, is a major tourist attraction in the centre of Wilton and the Mayor of Wilton.  We also have a Friends group who help us from time to tme with our activities that require more volunteers than we can muster from within the Club.

Rotarians are brought together not only by a common desire to serve and enhance their own communities and those of others in need farther afield, but also by the fellowship that engaging Rotary offers.

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