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Memories of Tanzania

These are a few of the memories that the group who traveled to Tanzania took back from their trip.

Iain Gow
"What an amazing trip! My first visit to the country and I have come home with hundreds of photos. But there are some things you can't capture in a photograph

  • the friendliness of the people everywhere;
  • the chaos on the roads;
  • thousands(it seemed) of tiny shops lining roads;
  • the sheer vastness of the game reserves;
  • and many more.

There were so many highlights it's difficult to pick the top ones but here goes

  • Meeting the albinos brought home to me the real difficulties they face
  • The children who "helped" us paint their classroom; they just got stuck in with enormous enthusiasm and probably got more paint on themselves than the walls. But they didn't half enjoy it
  • Meeting the 2 children I sponsor at the leprosy colony. We had a wonderful afternoon of fun and games - football, pass the parcel, statues and musical chairs.I remember particularly the song of welcome which the children had made up and performed for us.
  • And of course the safari which had so many highlights of its own. I'll pick just 2: two leopards walking past our Landrover so close you could touch them. And the view of the Ngorongoro crater from my hotel room was absolutely spellbinding" 

Alan Suttie