A description of the Club'f fun and fellowship activites

Fellowship Montage
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Surprisingly our relatively brief weekly breakfast meetings do give us a chance to get to know each other, keep up to date with what is happening in our lives away from Rotary and make new members feel welcome.

We enjoy fun and fellowship in the course of our service activities but we also organise activites and events to reinforce and consolidate those aspects of the the club.

There are outings to the theatre, and in recent years days out in France, Chichester and Ramsgate together with more modest but equaly enjoyable visits to a pub with its own skittles alley or just a meal out at one of the many restaurants locally.

Sometimes there is a BBQ at the someones home and here you can see a video of our most recent event which was enhaced by Dave Markee' band and some family games.

At the end of each year we hold a slightly more formal Handover Dinner to welcome the new Club President into their role and thank the outgoing person.

The club tradition of organised walks - some sponsored but all social is well established and some of these are illustrated in the side menu for this page.

As membership of the club has changed some of these activities have become less popular and we are actively exploring alternatives.