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General Club Information

The Rotary Club of Fishponds & Downend was chartered on 2nd July 1963, originally as The Rotary Club of Fishponds, Bristol as a lunch club, but in 1998 the Club changed its name and also to evening meetings.  We currently have 17 members plus two honorary members and one Friend of Rotary: being a varied membership of largely retired men and women of ages between their 60s and 70s.

Generally we meet every on the first three Thursdays in the month following the schedule below:

First Thursday of the month, a Fellowship Meeting. We meet at the Mezze at the Green Dragon Downend Bristol BS16 6BS assemble in the bar at 18:45 for a meeting start at 19:00. Sometimes there are presentations by members or charity speakers. 

Second Thursday of the month, for our Business Meeting. We arrange a Zoom meeting 18:50 for a start 19:00. Normally we do not entertain guests at this meeting. The meeting usually finishes by 20:00

Third Thursday of the month, for our Speaker Meeting. We meet at The Barn at the White Horse, Bristol Road, Hambrook BS16 1RY at 19:00 for a meeting start at 19:15.  Members are encouraged to bring partners to this meeting.

Fourth Thursday of the month, there is no formal meeting but members are encouraged to arrange informal meetings between themselves. 

When there is a fifth Thursday in a month (about 4 times a year) it is reserved for other Club activities such as Scatter Nights or special interest social activities.  Please contact the Club Secretary for details on these dates.  

Occasionally we will reschedule meetings to different weeks to accommodate planned absences of key members, or to accommodate other special circumstances.  It is advised that it is always best to check our Club Diary before planning to attend a meeting.  If you do plan to visit us please contact us first so we can ensure you receive a warm Fishponds and Downend welcome and so that we can arrange catering for your meal.

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