Sep 2012 Speaker Steve King-Underwood - The Naalarami School, f/b Club Council

Mon 17th September 2012 at 18.15 - 20.15

Steve King-Underwood visited the School in May 2012 with Nik Percival. "To say the trip was life changing is no exaggeration and .... a very humbling experience." Speaker host B Sadler.

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Our speaker was Steve King-Underwood, supported by Nik Percival, who came to update us on the Naalarami school project in Tanzania. The plight of the school was first identified during a gap year taken by Nik's son, Paul. Since then Paul has encouraged his family and neighbours to support the school financially. Fund raising has been carried out in their home village of Cottenham and the funds are now to be channelled through our Rotary club to a Rotary club in Arusha,Tanzania to fund further development of the school. Both Steve and Nik have been out to Naalarami to see the project and to help in its development and plan to go again next year.

South Cambridge Rotary Club aims to continue to support the school with additional funds during the next year.

Some desperately needed water tanks, plus a tanker of water to start them off, is due to arrive at the school at the end of Sep 2012 (water tanks £500 each). The local drought has been so severe that the children often have to travel great distances to get a supply for their family and have no spare time or energy for coming to school.

(In the video below see Steve Underwood as auctioneer, Nik Percival doing the intro and Paul Percival (Nik's son) in a close up in front of one of the pictures).

Recent progress :

    *The new teachers house is now up to roof level.

    *The auction in Cottenham raised 1,500.

    *Two local boys ran a race and collected 500.

    *The local Scout troup aim to raise 500

Two excellent videos to watch :

1. Arusha and Naalarami -

2. The 2012 charity auction in Cottenham of african artifacts -

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