Charities Evening 2012

Tue 28th August 2012

Our annual celebration of the great work done by our local charities.

For many in and around Kirkcaldy, these are 'lean times'; so it was all the more heartening and humbling for Club members at the weekly meeting to recognise the work and achievement of local Fife charities and causes that 'do good' be it good times or bad in our 'lang toun'.

Club President Iain Gow presented substantial cheques from funds raised by the Club to representatives from Age Concern Kirkcaldy, The Salvation Army, The Eden Mozambique Project, Samaritans, Fife Young Carers, Fife Society for the Blind, Deaf Action Fife, YMCA Kirkcaldy, Disability Sports Fife, (and in absentia Fife Sands).

In turn, Club members heard sincere and succinct account from all the representatives of some wonderful good being done to a quite astonishing degree. Disability Sports Fife finds several of its members and supporters in London for The Paralympic Games. Fife Young Carers presently works in support of 82 families. The Samaritans (Kirkcaldy) has an annual running cost of