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Club Activities Archive

We are rightly proud of the achievements of the events and projects we organise and run - for it is the success of those events and projects that bankroll the charity donations that we make.  So rather than discard the reports we archive them here so that we can, from time to time, revisit them and read up and look at the photographs i.e. indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

There are other reasons why we want our events, projects and socials to be recorded and that is to show potential new members what we do by showing what we have done.

What should always be emphasised is that we derive great fellowship from working together and socialising; and from the fellowship there is friendship and fun in abundance.

In March next year the Club will go the District 1100 Conference in Bournemouth and we will be amongst the most well-attended Clubs: as we have 20 members and partners going.  We have won the Conference Attendance Cup 4 times in the last 5 years and next year we will be challenging again!  That is an true expression of friends enjoying fellowship and fun.