Speaker's Corner

Speaker's Corner A summary of recent Speakers we've enjoyed. (for a list of future speakers please see further below)

Have you something interesting to tell us?

Do you want to enlighten us about the organisation you work for?  Perhaps you would you like to inform us about a special project you are working on, or about a special interest or skill you might have?  An integral part of Rotary is our speakers programme.  Speakers help us broaden our knowledge and to learn about our community in which we serve.  So we invite speakers along to our Club from all walks of life.  Generally the more variety the better and it definately does not just have to be about charity: as we welcome speakers who come and talk to us about hobbies or interests they have; the range of topics is endless.

So if you have a talk that you'd like to give to our club for about 20/25 minutes, please get in touch via our Contact Us link.  You will find us very friendly and we will even invite you to dine with us.  Please look at the "Notes for Guest Speakers" at the foot of this page to assist you deciding to contact us and in preparation for your talk.

The following is a list of our speakers (in reverse chronological order) with an account of the talks they have given.  For a list of future speakers please click here.

Rtn. Hendrick Bebber - Under the Beach Towel (7th Aug 2014)

Are Germans fundamentally different from Brits?  What do the Germans think about us and our still upper lips, our gentlemanly conduct, our sense of fair-play, our work ethic (or maybe the lack of it), our violent football hooligans, and our drunken youths on holiday?  Are the political and cultural views of our two races that different and how have the events of the last 100 years shaped our feelings toward each other.  And what about humour, are Germans as dour as we perceive them to be?  Our speaker talked at length about all of these things, he spoke of the Great War through to current politics, and thus to the source of the towel on the sun-lounger.  The talk was interesting, amusing and demonstrated the skill of our speaker in actually not answering the obvious quest - are we dissimilar or are we the same underneath a few cosmetic differences?

Kevin Mashford - Transplant Sport UK (17th Jul 2014)

Kevin had to cancel at short notice because he was taken ill.  As Kevin is himself a transplant recipient through the auspices of the Transplant Sport UK charity the circumstances of his cancellation were fully respected.  We look forward to the talk being rescheduled: so we can hear about the work of this charity, the second of two President