International is about the work we do supporting events and initiatives in the international community which underpin the values of Rotary.

The International Committee directs the club's charitable funds to support events and initiatives in the international community which underpin the values of Rotary. 

An example of a project that we completed recently was at Camphill Community Farm Centre in Hermanus, South Africa, which is attended by disabled and mentally ill clients.  Their pathway up to the centre was just a muddy path/track - 110 metres long -  and obviously in poor weather it made getting to the centre difficult and at times impossible.  With our assistance, a new concrete path has been laid and this has changed the situation dramatically.  The project cost around £3000 and TBRC has contributed £1500 to the funding, with the balance coming from a District Grant.  This is yet another District-funded project that we have completed.  

We also donated £500 to Global Sight Solutions, a charity run by the Rotary Club of Guildford.  The aim of Global Sight Solutions is to fund Rotary Eye Hospitals.  This involves the provision of assessment camps, surgical equipment and surgeon training, such that free eye operations and treatment can be provided to those in developing countries who are too poor to afford the treatment themselves.

An important part of the Global Sight Solutions' business model is that the hospital premises must be provided by our local partners who are invariably Rotarians acting as Trustees. The purchase or lease details are provided to the charity and must be fit for purpose before any financial support for equipment or operations is provided.

    International sub-pages:

    Sand Dams

    more Multiple club project to build dams in rural Africa. Sand covers the water protecting the water from evaporation and mosquitos

    Uganda Bore Hole Project

    more Our aim is to raise money to create bores holes to supply an area of uganda