Sonia in Sri Lanka !/ Sonia returns to Sri Lanka to WOW them!

Sonia has returned to Sri Lanka to carry out a very special project.

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Here you go Guys, the start of series two. As Medway Sunlight Rotary Club was awarded a match funded District grant to introduce a new project to Tea Leaf Vision - the  WoW (World of Work)  project it meant I could justify a further trip over here (self funded). I will tell you more about WoW in my next installment.

However, on  this visit instead of dealing with the monsoon and cold showers, it is extreme heat and humidity - so right now a cold shower like last time would be great and no complaints from me.

I landed in Colombo at 4am on 17th May and then had a comfortable journey for four hours to Maskeliya - the same place and school I stayed at last summer. After freshening up I was in school for 9am and it felt like I had never been away. Appreciation and gratitude from all that had previously met me and interest from the new students. And I managed to get ere in time to see the annual talent show....


Series 2 - Lesson 1

Dedication and commitment - the world over!

Any performing arts teacher would have been proud of the performance and show I have just witnessed here in Sri Lanka at Tea Leaf Vision - awesome! 
(just copy and paste the link above into your browser to see the evidence)

The conditions were the only thing different, although some of you have experienced the West End shows sitting in the 'Gods' with the immense heat well here it was multiplied. But did it prevent anyone coming to the show - no it certainly didn't. It was a sell out.

So these young people who have lived in this society of poverty put on a display of talent and pride for their family and local community to see. Not only that - the majority of acts were in English including the MCs'. Yet they made their own costumes and looked stunning.I fear some will have gone without to buy materials. Food is already scare but their excitement and desire to be amazing was higher.

The time and effort put in not only by the students but by the staff was back breaking and resembled the effort I have seen on many occasion in the education sector of the UK. The difference here being the floral decorations on the stage are all made from flora and fauna from the natural surroundings and then arranged by the staff and students. And then as security is poor in this area, two alumni students slept in the hall to keep everything safe.

It happens here just like the UK - a round of applause for teachers - the world over, it is more than a 'job', it's a passion.

Big Hugs
Sonia x