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Report on the first International Annual Quiz with the Unley Club

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Periodically the Rotary Club of Aireborough is delighted to host the ebullient and gregarious Mavis Martin from

when she visits relatives in the area.

Following her last visit Mavis proposed and then organised closer ties between Aireborough and her home Club of Unley, where she is a Past President, in the form of a twinning agreement.

As a first joint venture (well almost joint) a quiz, was organised between the two Clubs covering 3 agreed topics: what we should know about each others country, cricket and Rotary.

With Dave Hastings, (Assistant Governor Leeds) from the Calverley Club acting as dispassionate, unbiased and totally non-partisan Question Master the Aireborough Club was delighted to come out on top by 2 points (after a recount) and will be receiving the Ned Kelly Certificate from their delighted colleagues in South Australia.

Truth be told the Aireborough 14 were confident they knew far more about each subject than was later proved by the long silences!

The Unley Clubs Bulletin reported (whinged): do we get a dispensation for having to think in temperatures in the high 30s? The bacon sandwiches and the freezing cold obviously worked wonders for the sons of Aireborough!