2012 Club Assembly

Tue 12th June 2012

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President Elect, Robert Haig addressed the Club Assembly on 12th June 2012.

"Fellow Rotarians we now come to the next main part of this evening's meeting namely our club assembly and as President Alan has already mentioned I am delighted that we have with us Assistant District Governor, Michael Jamieson who straight away agreed to attend this evening when I invited him when attending the District Assembly at Glenrothes and of-course Michael will be reporting on our Club Assembly to District. Michael joins us from the Rotary Club of Perth St John's.

"Now as I mentioned at our AGM the structure of the committees next year will be slighty different in some places and I have to thank those fellow members who have agreed to take on the roles of Convenors, Those present will be reporting on initial thoughts from their committees and will outline what stage they are at in their planning for the year ahead.

"In his introduction to this evening's meeting President Alan advised we are at the 50th week of the Rotary year and I am keenly aware that in a very short time now I will be following in the footsteps of many of you who have already undertaken the honourable role of President. Indeed I will be this club's 34th President and one who is fully aware of the contribution each of you, who have preceded me, have made to the successful running and advancement of this club and in so doing have promoted and exemplified the spirit and ideals of Rotary.

"A few months ago as we all know our club was in a difficult situation with no one in plaoe continue in the roles of Senior and Junior Vice or in other words no one
willing to take up the role of President for the years ahead. Thankfully with the
bold intervention from both Donald MacKay and Ewan Archibald a solution was achieved and Donald will become Senior Vice and subsequently President - for a second time, a first for this club and he will be followed by Ewan who will become Junior Vice.

This leads me on to Club Administration and I my pleased that Stuart and Alistair have both agreed to continue in their respective and important roles as Secretary and Treasurer. Stuart as we know has provided and demonstrated tremendous organisational skills combined with a common sense approach in this role. While Alistair has equally demonstrated the ability to keep tight control on the club's finances which is all important during this time of financial uncertainty. Indeed on the subject of finance, I have agreed with Alistair that our budget for next year will be based on what we currently have and not unlike past years based on what we hope to raise.

"Continuing with the general theme of administration Douglas has very kindly agreed to continue to attend to attendance matter and record keeping and to take over from Derrick collating the club's archives. Derrick will for now continue as club Protection Officer and Stuart has very kindly agreed to head up the role of Health & Safety Officer. Finally on administration matters I am very grateful to Alex Imrie who has agreed to continue to look after the very technical subject of Gift tax recovery as well as, I might add, serve of the important combined committee of International & Foundation.

Foundation & International
"I propose to continue with the existing practice of combining the Foundation and International Service areas into a single committee. As this offers a greater opportunity for co-ordinated action in terms of ideas, resources and communication and also reduces the risks of duplication.

"I am pleased that Robin Grant has agreed to take on the role of convenor of this committee and he will be following on from the good work that Alex Even Wong has done. The incoming committee members have yet to meet to discuss possible project opportunities for the coming Rotary year as both Robin and Alex have been away on holiday for sometime now and this and other events have prevented matters being progressed. However Robin has forwarded this note via Stuart which I now read.

"Apologies for non-attendance.  No meeting or handover has yet taken place due to other commitments. However last year's continuing projects will be upheld.  The Foundation box and Monthly Draw will continue as present, as will the Curry Lunch. Future projects will be discussed with the outgoing convenor and the current committee.  These will include those relating to drinking water, irrigation water and education with a view to attracting matching grants as appropriate".

We look forward to hearing more from Robin and his committee in due course and as always, I'm sure what is brought forward will be of great benefit to those in need. Robin is complimented on his committee by: - Alex Evan-Wong, Brian Merrett,
Stephanie Blackden, and Alex Imrie.

"Rotary is I believe nothing if it does not have a strong link and connection with its community. These links can take many forms. Links with schools, communitygroups, youth organisations, the elderly and links through community centred projects. There has been much spoken about our present location indeed the comments and mutterings have never really gone away since our move here with a number believing we are without our community. So let me say I'm quite prepared to set aside one or more Tuesday Business meetings to discuss this topic.
You see, and it has taken me sometime to realise this, unlike clubs like Dunfermline, Cowdenbeath and even Inverkeithing & Dalgety Bay, the club we share this venue with they have a focal point they are designated by there town name or names. We are not. We are designated by a geographical area, West Fife. We can't be everywhere in West Fife..................... or can we?

"I think it worthwhile to consider the possibility of taking one or more of our regular meetings out from here and into for example a village hall or community centre and there with advanced publicity invite members of that community to our meeting to not only perhaps attract new members but to let the "locals" see what Rotary is all about so that they may bring forward some ideas for our involvement in a project in or around their village. As I say this is only an idea or proposal and much will need to be done to see if this could work and have your support.

This bring me nicely to Community and Vocational or New Generations with its focus more on youth and I am more than pleased that Ian Borland has agreed to lead the Community Committee and would welcome Ian to inform members of his committee's plans to-date.

Ian Borland - Report from Community Committee - Club Assembly June 2012 Community Suppers - these would continue, as previously, having been energised by Ian Grieve during the last Rotary year.   I to choose a suitable candidate from my committee to continue in 2012 - 2013.   Stephanie Blackden at an earlier meeting had already volunteered.

Senior Citizens Night Out - We will examine the possibility of holding such an event subject to enough funds being available in our budget.

Shoe Box Appeal - To nominate suitable committee member, Barry Walters already in the frame with the distribution of ...... shoe boxes amongst ..... schools.

Kids Out - I have attended one meeting hosted by Dunfermline member Alastair Justice.   Our remit was to:-

1). Arrange food and drink for distribution.
2). Obtain helium gas + balloons and inflate them on the day.  
3). Arrange new displays/attractions - I had pointed out this was extremely difficult by way of the children's medical conditions but would pursue 'soft toy' initiative used previously by Dunfermline Heart Town nurses.

Limekilns Wishing Well involvement -  Andy Jones has brought us up to date with his participation with the Limekilns Floral Group.   His initial hope was to obtain agreement to erect such a 'Rotary' well on the village green that existed at Lochleven Larder.   This would not appear to be possible but the Club were hopefully to be involved in the general  'clearing up' and improvement at the War Memorial site - more detail to follow. However I have approached Fairley's Garden Centre to establish if they would be< acceptable to a wishing well on their premises which we would 'service'.   Dobbies Halbeath also to be approached.   This all on the initiative of the Newtonmore Rotary Club who on the back of Waltzing Waters raised almost

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