Club Social Activities/ Crown Bowling Comptetion

Wed 20th June 2012 at 12.00 am - 2.00 am

President Malcolm leading from the front in Penrith's victory over Upper Eden in the Crown green Bowls competition.

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There are many momentous occasions throughout history - wars are won; battles fought; troops returning home to fanfares and ecstatic, jubilant crowds, bestowing  joyous accolades.

But some warriors return not seeking such reverence - perhaps due to their modesty, or maybe that they had fought similar battles which had also registered great success.  And thus, therefore, it was when our bold, tenacious, fearless bowling team returned triumphant from Kirkby Stephen on Wednesday night having crushed the opposition with athleticism, courage, and self confidence in their undoubted skills. Great individual displays of skill came to the fore and many a Penrith combatant rose to levels  of almost perfection never before seen before in such contests.

But other new battles now face us and Appleby are in our sight - a great contest of skill and tactics face our brave warriors and will test their fortitude and courage to the full. We have battled with Appleby on many occasions and not always with success but with a true Churchillian spirit, and with the faith, trust, and the cries of your support ringing in our ears we shall go forth and give our all. We can do nothing more but offer blood, toil, tears and sweat to maintain the reputation and standing of Penrith Rotary Club. Never in the field of human conflict..........