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Summaries of some of the activities we are supporting this year follow in no particular order.  There are many others.  We could do more with your help!  There are so many worthy causes that it is impossible for us to help them all and there is a danger that we could attempt too much.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an 8-day adventure course designed to develop the character of young people aged between 18 and 26 to become effective and confident leaders.   They face various challenges to test themselves against other young people.  Find out more...


Rotary Youth Exchange

Peterborough Minster actively supports the youth exchange scheme. Last year two pupils from local schools went to Youth Camps in Bulgaria and Turkey.

This year two more are participating in camps in The USA and Turkey.

There are three types of exchange available

  1. Youth Camps and Tours- these are available for students aged 15-25 years and have between 8 and 24 students in them. They are usually held in the summer holidays and each nationality is limited to two members to give a real international flavour.
  2. STEP this is a short-term exchange programme where students stay with the family in another country who has a son or daughter who wish to come to England. Then the Peterborough family host the international student in their home in Peterborough.
  3. Longer exchanges are available up to one year in length where students from Peterborough stay with Rotarians in another country. Then a student from that country comes to England and spends a year with rotary families.

This is a life changing experience and one not to be missed. Exchanges are well supervised and can provide good material for CV

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