Rustic Fayre/ Rules and Event Policy

Rules and event policy

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Rules and Event's Policy

1    The Organiser of the Rustic Fayre [the Event] is the Rotary Club of Verwood- trust fund 1030450
2    The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or conclude the Event if the site is deemed unusable with respect to Safety matters
3    Any person causing disorderly behaviour with the Rustic Fayre site will be removed from the Event. The Organiser will prosecute if required in the event of any unlawful actions.
4    The Organiser reserves the rights to accept or refuse any Exhibitor or entry to the Fayre.
5    All Exhibitors, whether Commercial, Charity, Crafts, or otherwise shall only display or sell as the terms of their entry form.
6    Any goods or items sold by Fayre exhibitors, including Car Boot sellers, will be their sole responsibility, and the Organiser will not be held liable for such Goods or Items.
7    All Fayre exhibitors must remain on site until the conclusion of the Fayre, and will ensure compliance with all Health and Safety matters.
8    All litter or rubbish to be bagged and deposited at the specified collection place.
9    No dogs to be allowed to foul the site.
10    All vehicles are parked and left at the Owners risk, on the Fayre site and parking areas.
11    The Event Organiser