International Projects

The International Projects team are incredibly busy with projects in Kenya, Uganda and across eastern Europe.

I'm Bev Yarwood, I lead the team that concentrates on international projects. The following pages show our activities: in Kenya where we have brought fresh drinking water to villages near Meru; in Kenya we also support a school in Mikroshoni; and across eastern Europe where we provide gifts for orphans in poorer countries like Romania, Estonia and Ukraine. Currently we support TUSC Uganda wit the maintenance of their ambulance that used to transport sick Ugandan children to medical facilities.

International Projects sub-pages:

Helping care for a sick child in Uganda

Our work with TUSC in Uganda

more TUSC (Transporting Ugandan Sick Children) is a small charity organisation that provides transport for sick and disabled children, pregnant women and others with health needs from villages around Jinja, Uganda to clinics and hospitals.

How villagers used to collect water

Our work providing clean water

more For over seven years now, Rotary Middleton has been sponsoring and raising money to help provide water for the villagers in Tharaka, Meru in Kenya.

Ten years of fund-raising bears fruit in Kajuki

Irrigation project in Kajuki, Kenya

more After over ten years of fund-raising, the Rotary Club of Middleton have raised £80,000 - enough to provide irrigation in Kajuki, Kenya.

Mikoroshoni School

more One of our projects has been to support the Mikoroshoni School in Kenya.

The villagers rebuilding their bridge

A Divided Community Reunited

more In 2003 a flash flood swept away the primitive bridge that connected the two halves of a village near Meru in Kenya.