Club Events Explained

Club Events: What we do: Fundraising, Service and Social. Always with Fellowship and Fun

Club events fall into three categories: fundraising, service and social.

Fundraising events may be in support of a project, may benefit a specific charity, or may be run to raise general funds for distribution to more than one charity.  Some events are run jointly with other, particularly geographically close, Rotary Clubs.  With jointly run events it is usual to share event proceeds with the other participating Clubs.  An example of an event that we run alone would be the Mangotsfield Show Plant Stall where Members of our Club, with the help of partners. grow plants from scratch and sell them to the general public and proceeds go to Club Charity funds.

Service events may be in support of a local community where we offer service to the general public or to an organisation to help them serve the general public.  An example would be 'Know Your Blood Pressure Day' for the Stroke Association where we organise volunteer medical professionals to take blood pressure readings from visitors to Boots in Emersons Green.

Other events may involve our Members participation as helpers with other Club's events, where there is no division of proceeds.  In this latter case help is given freely on the, non-binding, understanding that the favour will be returned in the future, or has already been given at an earlier time. An example would be Rotray Club of Yate & District's Beer and Music Festival where we provide help behind the bar and food counter, or just help to marshal the event. Our Members do not necessarily have to volunteer help at events, they can of course just support an event financially by buying a ticket and attending the event as a member of the public. We do not necessary co-operate with just other Rotary Clubs: in that we will work with the Lions, with Round Table or any other group that shares the same ideals of service. An example is The Downend Round Table Firework Display where we provide a significant team of marshals at the event.

Social events, some marking significant Club anniversaries, are held to have fun, and promote fellowship.  We usually invite Members partners to such events and we may extend a welcome to Rotarians and their partners from other Clubs. Again, as with fundraising events, attending other Clubs social occasions will often mean that the other Clubs will, in turn, be represented at our social occasions.  If appropriate we may also invite Friends of Rotary, prospective new members, and family members to our social events. We do occasionally indulge in a minor amount of fundraising at social events: so as to increase the Clubs charity funds, and also to increase the fun we have at our social events. 

Inter-club sporting and other competitive events are something that we enjoy doing.  These are organised and hosted by clubs, are organised into Rotary District leagues and knock-out competitions, and the winning teams collect cups and plates. The Club regularly participates in annual Skittles, Boules and Quiz competitions organisd by the Rotary District team, and we also hold our own Golf competition (for the Ted Davis Cup).  The resultant inter-club matches are often attended by non-participating Members and partners from our Club all supporting Team F&D.The participation in such competitions is most definately social, fosters a huge amount of fun and fellowship, and helps us bond with our fellow Club Rotarians.  This helps us develop inter-club friendships and especially so with other local Rotary Clubs with whom we may then further co-operate on other events.

Regular weekly Club meetings are not events, neither are Club Council meetings, District meetings; as such details of these meetings will not appear here on the Club Events page. The only possible exception would be the District and National Rotary Conferences where there is much fun and fellowship to be enjoyed.