International Projects

Delivering Shelter boxes following an Earthquake.

Arrival of Shelter Boxes



Our members carry out a wealth of international programmes and activities all over the world, reaching out to people in need.

In many countries, millions die of starvation and from diseases that could be prevented by clean water, proper sanitation or medicines.

Children often become adults without having access to even a basic education. Without books, they cannot learn to read.

Rotary members in Great Britain and Ireland use their skills and links to clubs in other countries to alleviate some of the main causes of death, illness and deprivation.

Projects include programmes aimed at the:

  • Eradication of poverty, hunger and malnutrition
  • Improvement of water supplies and sanitation
  • Reduction of child mortality
  • Control of diseases
  • Achievement of education for all

When natural disasters strike, anywhere in the world, Rotarians are usually the first people to take action. within hours, they are organising collections and raising large sums of money for the various charities that are best equipped to provide relief for those in need.

To learn about our global polio eradication enterprise, click here.



For more information about our current international projects, click here.



To find out how you can get involved, register your interest here and we'll get in touch with details of your local clubs and open events closest to you.

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Preparing Pencils for distribution to overseas schools

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The Crocus in Bloom to mark the Campaign

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