Another memorable defeat! (Bowls 2008)

If there is one thing that we can say about our Club - it's that we are consistent! Not only do we get defeated each year; we lose every individual match each year! On Wednesday June 4th, seven stalwarts of the Club ventured out to Crosthwaite to take on Kendal South Westmorland's team.

From the outset it was clear that we were facing an uphill struggle as wood after wood made that resounding thud as it dropped into the gutter. Richard was provided with a set of woods (and I mean that literally) which had a mind of their own and resolutely refused to follow the same line twice! The end was in sight and even though there was some sterling re-guard action from our captain, Stuart - even he succumbed to the wily Kevin and his cross green ploy.

The match over, we transferred to the Mason's Arms for a spell of fellowship, liquid refreshment, sandwiches and chips with our victorious opponents. Many thanks to all the members of the Kendal club for their warm welcome and not laughing too much at our performances. As Arnie would say - "We'll be back!" 

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The welcoming display in the church porch

In late May 2018, St. Mary's Parish Church was the setting for a community based flower festival. 23 local organisations were invited to mount a floral display with their organisation as the theme. Ambleside Rotary used blue to link to End Polio Now.


Our annual coffee morning for local people aged 60+

Stuart Ross, Brian James and Graham Harrison pose by

With the "normal" lack of trains on the Windermere to Oxenholme Branch line in recent weeks, West Coast Railways have laid on a FREE heritage diesel train. Too good an opportunity to turn down for a Lad's Day Out!

Why not become a Friend of Rotary?

The Rotary Club of Ambleside is looking for "Friends" who would like to help out occasionally but cannot commit to becoming a full member of Rotary.

The Gala starts with the children's procession headed by the Kookaburra Drummers

In 2018, we offered to help the organisers of Langdale Gala on July 1st by acting as Gatekeepers and collecting £5 per adult as pedestrians and cars arrived on the field.

A joint meeting of Ambleside and Carnforth

On Aug 30, 2018 fifteen of our members and partners attended the weekly meeting of the Carnforth Rotary Club,

President Brian James (R) hands over to President Richard Attenborough (L)

Each year towards the end of June the outgoing President will "handover" to the new, incoming President