Uganda Water Project

A project, jointly with other local Rotary Clubs and Schools, to provide clean water and sanitation to some villages in Uganda.


Uganda Water Project - WASH - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Together with the Rotary Clubs of Falmouth, the St. Ives School and Richard Lander School, Truro, we are raising money to supply clean water and sanitation to 7000 people
in the villages of Bukomansimbi and Kamazunda together with improvements
to school toilets and hand washing facilities.

Update    June 2015            Extract from the WASH Project Progress Report:

The project is now complete.  As at 21st January 2015 pure water is running to 10 kiosks, 5 each in Bukomansimbi and Kamuzinda, a public toilet has been built in each community, 7 protected wells are providing clear water, Water harvesting systems and tanks are in 5 schools, each of which now has new toilets, 17 toilets and 40 domestic rainwater harvesting sytems have been installed for the elderly making their lives so much easier.       The enthusiasm of the commuities for what has been done is palpable and new hope has been born that they could lift themselves out of subsistance farming through the water and economic developement programs the project is delivering.  Many people have learnt new skills in masonry and construction which we hope will continue to provide them with employment.   Most importantly Government departments, Local Councils, the community and local Rotarians have all had experience of working to the same aims which we believe will deliver great benefits in the future..

Update    January 2015

The following message, updating the progress of this project has been received from Rotarian John Pearce:-

This great project in which you have been intimately involved is finally coming to a conclusion.  On behalf of us all I thank you for the great contribution you have made.  Not only have we brought clean water and better sanitation and hygiene to 7,000 people in rural Africa we have acted as a focus to bring the Dept of Environment and Water, the local Authorities , the local people and Rotary closer together which will have great benefits for the future.
A small team of us is going to Uganda early March to formally open the project and we will send photos and a video when we return.
This has demonstrated the power of Rotary to achieve significant success in the battle to achieve clean water and sanitation in that part of Uganda.
Many thanks from the communities of Kamizinda and Bukomansimbi.
Pictures of the 'Wash Project' from the Newsletter of the Rotary District in Uganda


The Rotary Clubs of St. Ives, Helston Lizard, Helston, Redruth, Penryn and Truro Boscowen have all joined in to help raise the necessary funds.

The local Ugandan Water Authority have agreed to help fund the purchase of land,
surveys and piping and have agreed to ensure it's proper operation and
maintenance into the future.

Update           August 1st 2013

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) now have accepted the application for a Global Grant.    This means that the £35,000 contributed through the RC Falmouth and other local Rotary Clubs, has been multiplied by 3.5 through the donations of our District 1290 and by The Rotary Foundation. Giving a dollar total in excess of $193,000.   It is the first Grant to be awarded to the new District in which Uganda finds itself, 9211 and will be greatly welcomed by the communities of Bukomansimbi and Kamuzinda as they see the project as a life changer which will make them healthier, give a better education to their children and help them to raise their incomes.  

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