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How to find out more about joining Rotary

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How to find out more about joining Rotary

Throughout the year, with several exceptions, we meet each Wednesday at a local venue (currently the Tempest Arms, Elslack) between 5.45pm and around 7.30.  We have a meal together and discuss rotary business.  We usually have visiting speakers, on all manner of interesting topics.  We also develop friendships and we network ideas & schemes for raising funds for charity, looking at both local and international needs.  Where there is a 5th Wednesday in the month, we have purely social get-to-gethers with members, partners and guests - we may go to the theatre, or visit some other venue of interest for what we hope will be a good night out.  There are also several nights throughout the year when we hold meetings of a more formal nature, with 'black tie' and ball gowns.

We would very much like you to join us, so please get in touch and set the wheels in motion.

Types of Membership

As well as full membership of a local Club, Rotary offers other ways of becoming involved in our work in the community:-

Corporate Membership allows a corporation or company in the Clubs area to become a corporate partner of the Rotary Club, appointing up to four individuals to attend Club meetings, serve on projects, and participate in other ways.

Associate Membership Creates the category of associate member to allow prospective Rotarians to become acquainted with our Club, its members, its programmes and projects, and the expectation of Club membership, with the intent of becoming an active member within a designated period of time.

Satellite Meeting Allows Clubs to conduct multiple meetings during the week, each taking place at a different location, day or time.  This concept gives Clubs the opportunity to start up a small group with the ultimate intention of forming a new Club in due course.

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