Hosts' Responsibilities.

Hosts' Responsibilities.
The first named host should be  informed if you are unable to do your date. It is up to them to decide whether a substitute is needed. 

        Greet Guests/Visitors/Speaker: Provide list of names for President. Ensure visiting Rotarians are introduced to at least one New Forest Rotarian who should then host them for the evening or reintroduce them to another member with similar interests.

       Visitors Book: Obtain signatures/address. Do this preferably as they arrive so that it can be before the President before he starts the meeting.

 Name Badges:  These are particularly useful for F&F and when there are recent new members..Make available and preferably hand out.(Collect from & deposit with hotel reception if not already out.)

       Grace : This will normally be said by the President or a senior Club member nominated by him.  Check this with the President before the meeting.

       Top Table:  Consult with President & organise preferably before the meeting to avoid shuffling people who have settled in their seats - particularly on Family and Friends night. Check that the top table is in an appropriate position and check the number of places available.  

        Sound System. Check that the speakers,amplifier, microphones etc have been placed in the meeting room. They will be normally be set up by either Sam or Lawrie.

        Dinner commencement: Liaise with Hotel staff.