Tree of Lights Book of Names 2019

Book of Remembrance

Names are also displayed on electronic display boards in Andrew Grant (on the corner of Broad Street and the High Street) and Clifton Crick Sharp (High Street opposite Asda) from switchon day for the Pershore Rotary Christmas Tree of Lights on Saturday 30th November up until Christmas.

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Donations have been made in memory of:

All our loved ones

Doris and Ted

Gordon and Julia


Mum and Den

Tamzin Pugh and Josh Kirk

J G Adams

Jack Alderson

Catherine Alicia Jane Amies

Paul Andrews

Dorcas Annis

Tony Annis

Sylvia Arnold

Emmeline Aston

Margaret Denise Portman Attwood

Sandra Helen Attwood

Betty and Peter Austin

Lilian Austin

Mary Badger

Stephen Badger

Ronald and Margaret Bailey

Peter Baker

Janice Banbury

Bill Barber

Delia Barber

Debbie Bartlett

Linda Beard

Kebby Bennett

Rowland Bennett

Dennis Bent

Olve Bent

Edwin  Bick

Les and Becky Bickerstaff

Rose Birch

Elmer Birmingham

Shelia Birmingham

Charles Blizard

Rose Blizard

Gladys Bloomfield

Sarah Elizabeth Bouchard

Walter George Bouchard

Rose Bourne

Stan Bourne

John Bowers

George Bowles

Winifred Bowles

Millie Brant

Reuben Brant

Raymond Briars

Hilda Brookes

Les  Brookes

Jim  Brown

Frank Brownsdon

Den Camden

Joyce Camden

Moggie  Carr

Brenda Carson

Julia Cawthra

Linda Charlwood

Fred Cheshire

Lily Cheshire

Sheila Cole

William Cole

G Collett

M Collett

Roy Collett

Joyce  Collings

Robert  Collings

Peter Cornelius

Anne Corrigan

Paul Cowl

Bernmard Cresswell

David Cresswell

Caroline Crisp

Daphne Crouch

Keith Crouch

Dennis Crump

John Melchior Curtis

Albert Davies

Gordon Davis

John Day

Ronald Day

Michael Diston

Maureen Dobbins

George L D  Douglas

Gordon Victor Drew

George Dubery

Minnie Dugmore

Bryan  Edmunds

Glenys Edmunds

Graham Edwards

E Elgar

F Elgar

George Faizey

Muriel Faizey

David Fallon

Kenneth Felstead

Sylvia Felstead

Arthur Finch

Mildred Finch

John Flude

Margaret Flude

Rod Fox

Keith Gale

Ian Gardner

Pat Gardner

Philip Geden

Ian Richard Gerrard

Lindsay Claire Gerrard

Deirdre Godwin

Arther John Goodall

John Goode

Bob Gould

Shirley Gould

Janet Grainger

John Grantham MBE

Ben Green

Bryan Green

Ray Griffiths

Joan Grinnell

Terry Grinnell

Richard Gubbins

Stephen Gubbins

Antonio Guerrera

Geoffrey Halls

Keith Hansford

Phyllis and Walter Hansford

Ron Harber

Vera Harber

Grace  Harris

Stan Harris

Louisa Emma Harvell

Mollie Harvell

Joy Haywood

Cliff Heeks

Gladys Hemming

John  Hemming

Liz Hemming

Reg Hemming

Brian James Robert Hemmings

Nicholas Heritage

Anne  Hiscock

Joan Hiscock

Len Hiscock

Ann Hoath

John Hodgkins

Beryl "Belle" Horton

Pat Horton

Richard Hudson

Rosalind Hudson

Kevin Hutchings

Pamela Hyde

Anne  Inns

John F Inns

Judith Jackson

Andrew James

Ann  Jenkins

David Jenkins

Ivy Jenkins

Marlene Jenkins

Mark  Jennings

Martin Jennings

Mattie Jones

Phyllis Irene Jones

Shirley Janet Joyce

Cliff Keeler

Richard Lawrence Kew

Alan Lambley

Nancy Lambley

Deborah Louise Chambers Lancelot

Norma Lander

Connie and Denis Lees

Marjorie Lees

John Likely

Donald Lloyd

Les Lloyd

Alfred Lovell

Edna Lovell

Dave Lyons

Roland (Roll) Lyons

Denis Majer

Joan Majer

Edith Marchant

Walter Marchant

Stevie Mardle

Alexander  Marriott

Mary Marshall

Michael Marshall

Gordon Martin

June Mason

Sharron  Mathias

Brian Maynard

Doris Maynard

Eddie Maynard

Gerald Maynard

Marjorie Maynard

Flo McKinstry

Raymond Alexander McPhie "Mac"

Andrea Mendez

Maureen Meredith

David Middleton

David  Middleton

Jean Middleton

Pauline  Mikkelsen

Marjorie Mitchell

Perry Monk

Eve  Moore

Leslie John Moore

Bill  Moss

John Moule

Joanna  Mullett

Ian  Neale

Kath  Neale

David Newman

Patrick Newman

Joe Oxpring

Kerry Oxpring

Effie and Walter Palfrey

Frank Pannett

Mary Pannett

Eva Peedell

William Peedell

Tony Perry

Ginette Phillips

Malcolm George Pitt

Ceri and Handel Powell

Peter Price

Betty Pullen

Noreen Pullen

Noreen Pullen

Tony Pullen

Tony Pullen

Valerie Pullen

Barbara Quarrell

Jim Quarrell

Lilian Raven

Sydney Raven

Alan (Chin) Redman

Philip Richardson

John Richmond

Olive Richmond

Alan Riggs

Allan Roberts

Ida Roberts

Ralph Roberts

Garry Rogerson

John Rosier

Dick Rowe

Rosie Rowe

Dale Russell

Henry Scutt

Valerie Sharratt

Wilfred Sharratt

William Shepherd

Mabel Winifred "Mabs" Simmonds

John Edwin Simpson

Diana Skeys

Audrey Smith

Doris Smith

Ernest Smith

Joyce Smith

Michael John Smith

Eileen Spalding

Bill Spencer

Robert and Joan Spiers

Douglas Spurr

Raymond Kenneth Steadman MBE

Ian Christian Stokes

Claire Stones

Edward James Strickley

Florence  Strickley

Frans Swarte

Betty Taylor

Fred (Fen) Taylor

Robert Willson Taylor

Thomas Frederick Telford

Jenny and Cyril Thomas

Betty Thomson

Bill Thomson

Terry  Thornton

Frank William Thould

John Tibenan

Ray Tidby

Fred  Timms

Iris  Timms

Richard Tinson

Mary  Townsend

Monica  Tuddenham

Norman Tuddenham

Fred Twigg

Mary Twigg

Bernard James Vanstone

Blanche Vanstone

Charlie Ward

Bernie Watts

George Webber

Vera Webber

Peter Westby

Robin Ellis White

Paul Whitehouse

Beryl Whitwell

Eddie Whitwell

Robin Whitwell

Alan John Wilkinson

(Sister) Hilda Willcox

Mum and Dad Willcox

John Henry Arnold Williams

Marilynne J Williams

Marjorie Williams

Lorna Jocelyn Willingham

Jean Mary Wilson

Carole  Winship

Michael  Winship

Harry Wood

John Stafford Wood

Marjorie Wood

Mary Wood

Jan Wortley

Ernest Young

Kathleen  Young

(ALL fields required)