Rosepark Trust aids over 60's in Humberside area.


The Rosepark Trust is a registered charity (Regd. No. 1230836) with origins based on the Rosemont House Trust set up in 1947 to fund and maintain a residential home for older persons in need, Rosemont House, Pearson Park, Hull.  Funded largely by members of the Rotary Club of Hull and the associated Inner Wheel Club, it continued to support Rosemont until its sale to the Cheshire Foundation and its ultimate closure.  Proceeds from the sale of Rosemont augmented the original fund which now stands at some £225,000; the income from which is available for distribution, at the discretion of the Trustees, in accordance with the Trusts articles.

The principal activity of the Trust is to relieve residents of Humberside who have attained the age of sixty years and who are in need of care and attention.

Grants may be made to organisations catering for such persons, or to individuals or their carers to assist in purchasing equipment, making payments towards additional help and support, or to help meet the cost of a holiday or respite care which might, otherwise, be impossible.

The Trustees are particularly anxious to assist individuals who, for no fault of their own, may have slipped through the state welfare net or are, perhaps, too proud to ask.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from such support, please contact the Rosepark Trust, c/o W.G. Deakin, 14 Turners Lane, North Ferriby. East Yorkshire. HU14 3DF.  Please give details of the circumstances behind your request and an estimate of the sum involved.  It is not the Trustees normal practice to contact the individual or organisation for confirmation of the position, provided the source of the request is recognised; nor will the donation be made public, unless specifically requested, where such publication might lead to further funds/assistance being made available to the individual or organisation concerned.