Community/ District 1040 Environmental Competition

Submission by Darren Saul resulting in the District Prize.

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Hi Les

Regarding our telephone conversation yesterday regarding the Environment Project Competition, please find below the information you requested. I have also attached some photographs from our last Bulb Planting event.

Our environment project for last year, as other years, was a bulb planting event on the 8th November 2011 at Burlington Junior School, Bridlington.

Each year we approach a different school in the Bridlington area and organise a bulb planting event. This includes the junior schools gardening club and many Rotarians that meet on grassed land around the school and plant as many as 2-300 daffodil bulbs.

We find that meeting with the children each year and inviting them to get involved with this project is extremely worthwhile and amazing to see how the kids look after the flower beds for years to come, including actually doing litter picking to keep the blooms looking their best. After each event we erect a plaque next to the site, telling the general public about the bulb planting project and the children that got involved with it.

The Rotary Club of Bridlington starting with this event in 1971 and has since then planted in excess of 60,000 bulbs in the Bridlington Area.