Roll Out The Barrel

Barrels purchased for the 'Roll Out The Barrel' project


                                                         Roll Out The Barrel

Earlier in the year Rotarian David Watson organized a 'Magician's Evening' for members and their families and friends.
Part of the funds raised were used to purchase four Water Barrels to be sent out to Africa to help women and children with their water carrying duties.

The project was started early last year by a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Cirencester. So far over 300 barrels have been delivered

It is intended that women and children who collect water, will no longer need to carry it, by hand, on their backs, on their heads, or over their shoulders, by providing them with a simple strong roll along water barrel with a handle.
These cost £30 each with transportation and are either 30 or 50 litre capacity.

Beside the weight advantages (a 40 litre container of water weighs over 88 lbs!) this is easier, quicker, less strenuous and less dangerous for children.
The barrel is sealed making for improved cleanliness and less spillage. 
Together these improvements bring benefits to the livelihoods and well being of the women and children involved.


















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