Ian Hutcheon Clinic for Children

Luton North Rotary Club supports Ian Hutcheon Clinic for Children and their work in Uganda improving hearing for deaf children in the slim area of Namuwongo

Luton North Rotary Club supports Ian Hutcheon Clinic for Children

This new Charity (IHCC) has been set up to run a clinic for children with hearing impairment in the Namuwongo Slum area of Kampala Uganda..

Namuwongo, situated in the South Eastern corner, is the 2nd largest slum area in Kampala. It is home to tens of thousands of people and due to high fertility rates the majority of the people living in the slum are children. Most dwellings are made of left -over scrap materials or mud, and the population is extraordinarily compact 

The Project will focus on prevention of hearing impairment and deafness in underprivileged children 0

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