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Thu 24th January 2013 at 12.00 am - Sun 31st March 2013 - 12.00 am

Project in SA for Mphatlalatsane School for the Severely Intellectually Challenged, between RC Cleethorpes, RC Sheffield Vulcan and RC Viljoenskroon

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Matching Grant project with RC Viljoenskroon D9320 South Africa D9320 South Afric

This project was done between RC Cleethorpes, RC Sheffield Vulcan and RC Viljoenskroon

the project was for computers and printers for 10 classrooms.



Our sincere appreciation to Rolf Sperr and Kim Steyn for orchestrating the matching grant with Rotary International and for persuading their respective clubs to contribute towards this matching grant for Mphatlalatsane Specialised School.    


I assure you that the funds from the matching grant were well spent on items that will be useful for many years to the learners and educators at the school. 


1.         10 Computers and laser printers for educators in their classes.


All our educators had computers in their classes, connected to a server and a central administrative program for registers, evaluation, personal data etc. They are also all connected to the internet for lesson preparations, research and information.


The school got 10 new classrooms that would have being without computers if not for this matching grant. The impact on the administration and education of the learners is obvious. What is not obvious is the conflict that might have risen if some educators had computers with full access and some not.


2.         Maps and atlases for the geography classes.


Atlases from which they can be taught many things were ordered and received. Nice big wall maps were bought for the geography class. A world map and a map of South Africa with the provinces, urbanisation, mountains, rivers and much more were also purchased with the matching grant


3.         Skeleton and unpackable torso for the science classes.


For this we waited very long because the torso had to be imported from Germany.

A full size human skeleton and a full size torso were bought. Even our staff was amassed to see what the human bone structure looks like and how the different organs are arranged in the human body.

The torso with its manual and video is actually fit for fifth year medical students. Our learners are severely intellectually handicapped. From the model they will be explained many things about the mechanics of the body but will not be expected to memories all 130 different parts indicated in the torso and brain, only major organs and their basic functions. The aim is understanding the body and its functions not to learn all the medical terms.        


Our learners that function at a higher level are showing a very keen interest in knowing what is going on inside their bodies and the skeleton and torso are beautiful models to make the abstract concrete.


This is the second matching grant for Mphatlalatsane that the Rotary Club of Cleethorps got involved in. To confirm this fact I am pasting an extract from the school