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Covid19 Response

Some of our members are able to volunteer with local organisations and assist with the distribution of food and medecines to vulnerable members of the community but most of us are isolating. So at our first Zoom meeting we began to identify where we could make the most difference with donations from our Trust Fund. We identified two small charities in New Addington that members had some relatioship with:

Good Food Matters a produce growing and preparation organisation

The New Addington Baptist Church Community Family Project which provides food to families in need.

So we bought a new freezer for Good Food Matters to enable their current meal production and distribution while supporting their longer term mission and donated £500 to the Community Family Project.

We also decided to respond to the Shooting Stars Childeren's Hospices Covid19 Appeal with a donation of £500 because their contribution to assisting familes in Croydon is not widely enough appreciated.

At our second Zoom meeting we received more detail about the activities of the Luncheon Club run by the Cassandra Learning Centre in Norbury and the assistance being provided by one of our members. We agreed to donate £600 to fund the provision of meals delivered to people's homes.

In may we had a speaker from Stripey Stork and following that developed a project with them to provide infant sleeping packs to the neediest new mothers locally and secured a Rotary Intenational Foundation matched funding grant from our District. The combined sum of £1000 enabled Stripey Stork to purchase 12 packs. More detail about the project and a case study are provided on this Infant Sleeping Pack page.

We will continue to monitor the situation to see what more we can usefully do and if you would like to join with us in this endeavour you can donate online using the Kindlink below.

For UK visitors we have set up an account with Kindlink to enable us to gratefuly accept your online donations to our Trust Fund which you can find here:

And a special welcome to our international visitors from

We have a PayPal account set up to receive your appreciation in US $ for the donationware music you have downloaded.

Donations received through this channel will be applied to our International Projects and Rotary International Foundation. For example we have made significant donations to Sanitation First to provide suatainable sanitation in India. Over the years we have also funded projects run by the Joshua Orphan and Community Care charity in remote rural Malawi.  We regularly support ShelterBox disaster recovery initiatives and the Rotary International Foundation which funds projects led by local Rotary Clubs and International understanding and Peace programmes.

Donations will also be considered for application to local Croydon charitable activities including contributions to the running cost of the New Addington Boxing Club, and cotributions to the Orpheus Trust performance education centre for disabled young adults.

The Rotary Club of Croydon Whitgift Trust Fund is a UK Registered Charity Number:1150164 and the Trust Fund is established under the standard Rotary Deed of Trust.

The Annual report on the Trust Fund actvities in the last year is available to download here: Croydon Whitgift Trust Fund 2018-19.

The Trustees are the current Club President, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer and they act at the behest of the club members with decisions about the application of the fund taken in formal club business meetings.

The Trust Fund is Registered with HMRC to receive Gift AId on donations from UK taxpayers.

Club Trust Fund sub-pages:

Stripey Stork Infant Sleeping pack

Infant Sleeping packs

more This RI Foundation matched funding grant project provides 12 infant sleeping packs to the neediest new mothers locally during the Covid 19 crisis working with our partners Stripey Stork.