2013 Youth Speaks competition

Thu 7th February 2013 at 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Primary Youth Speaks competition, held at Didsbury Road Primary School.

The Club was once again delighted to organise the Prinary Youth Speaks competition, for year 5 and 6 pupils, age 10 and 11. Three teams competed, from Didsbury Road Primary School, All Saints C of E School and Tithe Barn Primary School. Each team decided their own subject:

Didsbury Road - Are animals beneficial beasts or primeval pests?

All Saints - Are the changes in the Arctic a result of global warming?

Tithe Barn - Has the slave trade been truly abolished?

Each then made a presentation to the audience. The judges were Mrs Doreen Hayhurst and Professor John Monaghan, and they allocated prizes for the winning team and second team, and also for the best chairperson, speaker and vote of thanks proposer.

The results were:

Winning team - All Saints

Second placed - Didsbury Road

Best Speaker - Willem Babrovskie, Didsbury Road

Best Chairperson - Grace Pollock, Tithe Barn

Best Vote of Thanks - David Brown, All Saints

Photographs can be seen and downloaded by clicking here.