Supporting Trowbridge Sea Cadets

President Caroline presenting Trowbridge Sea Cadets £300 towards a minibus

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Recently it came to our attention that the Trowbridge Sea Cadet Unit 491 are currently raising funds to replace their aged mini bus and Trowbridge Wessex Mead were asked if we would be able to help.

The Sea Cadets is a maritime based youth charity, run by a Unit management Committee and volunteer adult staff, offering young people challenging opportunities to learn and master new skills, self respect and leadership, so that they can grow and develop in a safe environment. The Sea Cadet Unit in Trowbridge, TS Achilles, encourages young people in the Trowbridge, Westbury and surrounding area to participate in outdoor recreational pursuits such as, sailing, boat pulling and canoeing, as well as taking part in competitions, sports, training and development sessions. These activities take place on the river at Bradford on Avon, as well as at venues as far away as Weymouth, Bristol and the River Thames. It is essential that they have a reliable minibus to transport the cadets safely but the present one, being thirteen years old, is rapidly approaching the end of its useful life and becoming increasingly expensive to maintain.

It is acknowledged that an active Sea Cadet Unit is beneficial to young people. It helps them to aspire to greater self-confidence and team spirit, leading them to responsible adulthood and encouraging high standards of conduct.  Unlike the ATC and the Army Cadets, the Sea Cadet Unit does not receive financial support from the Ministry of Defence and monies are raised by volunteer supporters, parents and groups such as the Trowbridge White Ensign Association and the Frome Royal Naval Association.

The Rotary Club of Trowbridge Wessex Mead is very happy to be able to support such a valuable youth asset in our town and is delighted to be able to give a donation of