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On Wednesday 19 September, President Caroline and Andrew visited the Mead Community Primary School community assemblies at both the Paxcroft Mead and Wingfield sites to present them with Rotary produced illustrated dictionaries which have been funded  by Wessex Mead - 24 to the Paxcroft Mead site and 8 to the Wingfield site.




The photo is of Mrs Boulton, Assistant Head at the Paxcroft site and 3 children of different ages belonging to teachers at the school.

During the assemblies Caroline and Andrew chatted about Rotary does, especially about making a difference in the local community. Caroline talked about how if we worked together we can make something happen and about our different ways of fundraising. (Many of the children claimed to have seen a penguin with a collecting bucket in Trowbridge!!) The chat embraced many aspects of the new school charter which talks about how important it is to think about and help other people, to give something back. ie when you learn something, how can you use it to help others and to think about how your behaviour affects other people.