13 March 2013 - Liz Wright talks about the work of Chiltern Citizens' Advice Bureau


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Liz Wright, District Manager of Chiltern CAB, spoke today about the history of the CAB nationally, on the organisation locally, and what help they were able to offer.  

The CAB was formed about 70 years ago, and aims to provide free advice to anyone who needs it. This is done through local offices and through its website www.adviceguide.org.uk.

In Buckinghamshire there are 16 centres within groups in Chilterns (of which Amersham is part), High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Buckingham. The Amersham branch is open Monday and Thursday and the Chesham branch Monday to Friday.  

A recent project has been to work with local GP surgeries to take referrals from health professionals as 1 in 5 debt clients have some form of mental illness and 60% of debt clients suffer from stress related illnesses.  Because Chilterns is thought to be an affluent area it is difficult to get funding for local branches, but last year some 700 food boxes were handed out by the foodbank at Chesham and foodbanks have now been set up in Amersham and Little Chalfont.  

Many people locally are living on just