Service Projects / Navigation Walk 2013

Sun 7th April 2013 at 10.00 am - 10.00 am

Rotary Hospice Charity Navigation Walk 2013

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The Club was tasked with organising walk marshals at two points along the
canal walk for the day.
Thanks to Jerry Wright for liaising our part of the overall walk.
The overall walk involved 16 Rotary Cubs and 120 Marshalls.
On Sunday 7th April the weather was very kind and a pleasant day was enjoyed by walkers and walk marshals.
Here are the lunch and afternoon Luddite marshals.

The footpath going away on the right is the SpenValley Greenway Spur
On the left is the Calder and Hebble canal with its adjacent
towpath walk

Also Marshaling not on photo Perm and Pres David.

A longboat that had been selling refreshments returning to Mirfield
John, Mike, Jerry and myself were stood down around 15.00 after the last walkers had passed by.
A canal view towards Mirfield
The walk flyer.
showing the 4 Hospice beneficiaries.

Wakefield Hospice
Kirkwood Hospice
Forget me not
and Overgate.

Rotary Navigation Walk
Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix