Redruth Rotary community projects play a significant role in supporting our local communities of Redruth, Pool, Camborne and the surrounding areas.

1. Supporting Education and Youth Development

Scholarships and Grants: Rotary clubs often provide scholarships and educational grants to students, helping them pursue higher education and vocational training.

Youth Programs: Initiatives like Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and Interact clubs foster leadership skills, community service, and personal development among young people.

2. Health and Well-being

Mental Health Initiatives: Projects focused on mental health awareness and support, providing resources and counselling services to those in need.

3. Community Development and Support

Local Improvement Projects: Redruth Club engages in various community improvement projects.

Emergency Response and Relief: Redruth Rotary responds to natural disasters and emergencies by raising funds providing immediate relief and long-term support for recovery efforts.

4. Fighting Hunger and Homelessness

Food Banks: Redruth Rotary club supports Camborne Pool and Redruth food bank, ensuring that vulnerable residents in these areas have access to nutritious meals.

Homelessness Initiatives: Programs aimed at supporting homeless individuals through shelters, housing projects, and essential services.

5. Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Projects: Redruth Rotary is supporting awareness campaigns to promote environmental sustainability and combat climate change.

6. Global Initiatives with Local Impact

End Polio Now: This global campaign, which has a significant presence in the UK, focuses on eradicating polio worldwide, showcasing the global reach of Rotary’s impact. Redruth Rotary has planted crocus corns in parks and public garden spaces to highlight the End Polio campaign.

International Projects: Redruth Rotary club supports international humanitarian projects, which can have reciprocal benefits for local communities through increased awareness and engagement.

7. Cultural and Social Enrichment

Community Events: Organising and sponsoring cultural, social, and sporting events that bring communities together and promote social cohesion.

Examples of Notable Projects Supported by Redruth Rotary

KidsOut: Providing fun and positive experiences for disadvantaged children.


Shoebox Appeal: Collecting and distributing shoeboxes filled with gifts and

essentials to children.


Purple4Polio: A campaign to raise awareness and funds for polio eradication, by planting purple crocuses and holding various fundraising events.


ShelterBox: Redruth Rotary each year holds an event/s to raise funds which allows ShelterBox to work with disaster-affected communities to provide the emergency shelter, essential items and training needed to support families in the long process of rebuilding their lives.


Through these diverse initiatives, Redruth Rotary club significantly enhances the quality of life in our communitiy, addressing immediate needs while also fostering long-term development and resilience.


Therefore please consider becoming a member, visit us to find out more and discover the opportunities Redruth Rotary offers to you to get involved,

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