Life on the Other Side

Wed 26th February 2014 at 19.30 - 22.30

Christina Spencer gave a very interesting talk on her life in Germany during WW2

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Rotarian Christina Spencer was born just  a few weeks before the start of the Second World War, in Leipzig in, what was to become East Germany. As the town was an important production centre for the German aircraft industry, it became a target for bombing raids by the Allied Forces and Christina witnesses the raids at close hand. During the hostilities, she lost contact with both her parents and was evacuated Eastwards to the safety of living, and helping with the work, on a farm. She was at the farm when the Russians pushed the German forces back to Berlin, was then moved to an orphanage in  Munich, before being moved to her Uncle's house in Hamburg. Soon, her parents were released from captivity and Christina went back to them in Leipzig. As life under communist control became more difficult she and her family moved westwards and managed to reach West Germany before the borders were finally sealed.

The talk was a fascinating insight to the hardships of life of ordinary Germans during one of their darkest periods of history.