Rotary International

What is Rotary International?


Rotary International helps Rotarians to promote world understanding and peace through World Community Service and Rotary Friendship Programmes across the world.

In our own Club we -

support a teenage boy with his education in a school in India, through the Joe Homan Charity; for more information visit

raise funds for the purchase of Shelterboxes, which provide tents and basic supplies for areas which have suffered a natural disaster, or in in a war area; for more information visit

supply local schools and organisations with Shoeboxes which are filled with toys then taken by Rotarians to orphanages in Eastern Europe;

collect old spectacles with are cleaned and graded by prisoners in Saughton before being taken to Africa where volunteer opticians prescribe then to locals;

support financially a group of local Nurses who visit Haiti regularly to immunise children and help in an orphanage.

Rotary International sub-pages:

Supporting Vision Aid Overseas

more Local Optician supports the Club's efforts in the colllection of old spectacles.

Vision Aid Overseas

more Local Optician support Club's collection efforts